The World is Rediscovering the Importance of the Fluid of Life

Lymphatic fluid is crucial in our ability to stay healthy by aiding the lymphatic and immune systems

Lymphatic fluid is involved in the removing of disease-causing toxins and waste products, absorbing and delivering nutrients, activating and distributing immune cells to fight disease, as well as draining inflammation-causing fluid and protein from the body. Maintaining lymphatic and immune health is a vital part of sustaining overall health.

Let Us Help You Rediscover the True Meaning of Health!

Serving Ventura and Santa Barbara Counties

Lymphatic Health Institute (LHI) offers manual lymphatic drainage as well as balanced therapies, counseling and education to treat your whole being.

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The Lymphatic Health Institute is now located at Evergreen Chiropractic and Wellness on Fridays & Saturdays by appointment only.



LHI offers complete lymphatic system decongestion and pathway clearance services including manual drainage, electro therapy and photon therapy.



FastVitaminIV™ blend can be done in 60 seconds or less, so your body quickly gets the undiluted vitamins, minerals and amino acids it needs.



Intravenous NAD+ is used to help prevent aging, detoxify from alcohol and opioid dependencies and reduce symptoms of chronic conditions.


Sonia Baker, LPN: MLDP

Manual Lymphatic Practitioner / Nurse

Sonia is an accomplished professional surgical nurse with over twenty-five years of experience with advance lymphatic practitioner and IV certifications. Her approach to balanced therapies, counseling and education can help you add to and maintain your overall health.


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