Client Testimonials

Properly moving your lymphatic system is vital to your health.

Dawn K. was treated post surgery on her first appointment using light therapy, The Lymph Star Pro and manual lymphatic drainage. She was treated again before and after surgery using the same techniques. Our non invasive treatments help reduce pain and swelling, speeding your body’s natural recovery process.

"Sonia was true blessing for me. She played a significant role in my recuperation from two surgeries. In addition to her technical skill, her holistic treatment aided in my recovery from the trauma surgery inflicts on your whole body. Sonia is a joy to be around and a real treasure!"
- Dawn K.

Research has been done with good results using “Crystal Lymph Waves High Intensity Photo Therapy” to help aid the healing of:
  • Sinus Infection Resistant to Antibiotics
  • Neuropathy
  • Burn Scars
  • Acne
  • Neuralgia
  • Neuropathy
  • Hernia
  • Cysts, Fibrocystic
  • Lipomas
  • Dental Infections and Cavitations
  • Thyroid Dysfunction

"I had a very painful canker sore inside my mouth and I had tried everything I could find available to help it heal. After a solid week or more of discomfort, I heard about Sonia’s treatment using crystal lymph waves. The treatment took less than 15 minutes, I had immediate relief as the sore closed over and I was able to eat comfortably again. I came back the next day for a second recommended treatment and by the third day it was gone. Thank you Sonia!"
- Chuck B.

"I had lived my life for many years, having a swollen face with large cheeks, thinking that I just had a fat face - after one treatment from Sonia the swelling in my face was greatly reduced and my arms and legs also were reduced in size. My metabolism has also been restored, which I noticed by my increased appetite and weight loss. I now realize the stagnant lymphatic fluid in my body has been the cause of the swelling in my body for DECADES and am so grateful that there is a treatment for it. I highly recommend Sonia and her Lymphatic System Therapies, it is life changing."
- Lisa L.

"Sonia’s treatments have helped me so much with general inflammation and from the pain and swelling after a knee operation. I always feel much better after each treatment. Sonia is conscientious and thorough and is always attentive to my concerns and questions. I’m very glad that I went to see her."
- Anna B.

"Sonia Baker has been treating me for about a year now. I've received both Lymphatic Therapy treatments, as well as Light Therapy. Both were new to me and have totally changed my life. My rosacea had gotten worse and I couldn't wear makeup anymore because of the irritation and redness until Sonia began Light Therapy on my face. The light is also very effective at treating the pain of my arthritis and stiff joints. And through Lymphatic Massage, I've seen and felt instantaneous results. I remember specifically during one treatment in her office, Sonia and I literally watched the swelling in my abdomen decrease. I HIGHLY recommend Sonia Baker and The Lymphatic Health Institute for your journey to better health, from the inside out."
- Christy C.

"I am so happy that I found Sonia, she has done an amazing job helping my lymphatic drainage issues that often result in migraines and neck tension. She is kind and knowledgeable, and has a deep understanding of how much my body can handle at any given appointment. It's a great comfort knowing that when my body is out of balance I can come see her to set it back on the right track."
- Ana R.

"Sonia is the most remarkable lymphatic message therapist. She is so caring of my special needs, and very knowledgeable in how to solve my problems. She has my complete trust, and is an inspiration to me."
- Haddon D.

"The first time I saw Sonia Baker for a Vitamin IV I was battling a cough. I almost never get sick but had been under tremendous stress and my immune system became depleted. I was getting ready to travel internationally and was concerned that the trip would knock me down further. I got the IV the day of the trip. I felt immediately better and within 2 days I was free of symptoms, despite the travel. Sonia is compassionate and exudes a real healing presence. I continue to see her periodically for routine maintenance to keep my immune system fortified. I’ve found it especially helpful during the pandemic to know that my resilience is as good as can be thanks to her work and a healthy lifestyle."
- Craig Rigsby, Acupuncturist, herbalist

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