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Lymph Oil

Lymphatic Tool

Lymph Oil & Lymphatic Tool

The lymph is part of your body's immune system. It carries away toxins and brings nutrition to your cells, tissues, and organs. This therapy uses very light pressure and long, gentle, rhythmic strokes to increase the flow of lymph and reduce toxins and stagnant bloat in tissues.

Ingredients: Organic Essentials Oils of Basil, Bay Laurel, Bergamot, Roman Chamomile, Geranium, Juniper Berry, Lemongrass, Ravensara, Tea Tree, Hemp.

For skin use only. If irritation occurs discontinue use. Avoid contact with the eyes. If you are nursing, pregnant, or have a medical condition, consult a health care professional before use. These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA.

$39.99 Lymph Oil 1oz & Lymphatic Tool (UPC 97305)

How to Use the Lymphatic Drainage Body Tool

How to hold the tool:

For the face you will use the corners of the tool that works best for your face contour. Always using soft long strokes toward the outer face and downward toward the neck.

For the body grasp the handle and use the large moon shape side for body drainage and contouring.

Always use a lymph support oil to make sure there is no dragging on the skin and to achieve optimal results.

How to use the lymphatic tool:

1. Begin your Lymphatic Body Drainage ritual by moisturizing the area that you will be massaging. Use our CBD Lymphatic oil! We love using our Lymphatic oil to allow the tool to glide gently and smoothly over the body for decongesting stagnant areas and promoting flow.

2. Awaken your lymphatic system by pumping the node areas. Begin with each side of the neck. Place two fingers on the area above collar bone and base of neck using the pads of your fingers. Pump 10 times each side.

Pump underneath the armpits, 10 times each side.

Pump inguinal area, 10 times each side.

Pump the back of your knees, 10 times each knee.

3. Holding the tool in a horizontal position, starting at the left side of neck, from under the ear, in a gentle, long stroking motion move down toward the clavicle. Repeat 3-7 times each side of neck.

4. Holding the tool in horizontal position, use soft, long strokes in an upward position from elbow towards the armpit. Repeat 3-7 times per arm. Continue same soft strokes to outer arm to shoulder. Then wrist using soft upward stroke to armpit. Repeat 3-7 times.

5. Move to left hip. Gently using long soft strokes from hip toward armpit. Repeat 3-7 times per left and right side of body.

6. Divide the abdomen into two sections as they have different channels for lymphatic flow. The area above the belly button you will use slight pressure and move the tool toward the heart. Below the belly button, using slight pressure you will move the tool toward the pelvic area. Use your lymphatic oil over liver and spleen and around belly button. Repeat 3-7 times each upper and lower abdomen.

7. Massage the back of the legs by holding the tool in a horizontal position. We recommend using a step tool or a chair raising your leg for reaching the back of the knees as you stroke in an upward motion until you reach the gluteal fold. Work inner and outer thigh with soft long strokes upward. Do the same for front and back of thighs. Repeat 3-7 times each leg. Work tool over inner and outer calf areas from ankle to the knee. Repeat 3-7 times each leg. Massage Daily for optimal results.